Welcome to Humanitarian Welfare Group


With the Grace of the Almighty we have once again been productive at attempting to make improvements in one of our centres, Jimba.


This mosque is 20 years old now and thus completely falling apart and intatters. Jimba being the oldest of the centres, is also the most populated and this means we are in desperate need for better facilities. We are more over, in process of acquiring a plot nearby the same old building and needto build a better, bigger, well-facilitated mosque there. The proposed mosque,area will be 2000 Sq. Feet with a wudhoo area and malim’s house. The existing mosque will be renovated and converted into a madressah.


Approximate cost of the mosque and wudhoo are is Kshs 5 Million, $64,000 and42,735 Sterling Pounds.We are appealing to one and all to generously contribute towards this worthy cause asSawabe Jaari is one of the most rewarded of deeds. Let us contribute in any way we can to help the Muslim Ummah, more precisely, our Muslim brothers and sisters living in the suburbs of Kenya.Enclosed please find the plot plans for the new mosque. Ahsant.




Mehboob Merali